The African Eye

We believe in the ability of Africans to achieve the dream for strong and effective leadership on the continent.

We also believe in the capacity of Africans to forge a common vision in order to address today's global challenges, and to propose a model of indigenous leadership that is typically African and based on the values of the African culture.

Therefore, our transformative action in this regard is fourfold:

  • We organize conferences across the continent, we train and prepare the African Youth to be effective leaders, so they can take over the leadership of their societies tomorrow,
  • We provide space for world-class learning opportunities for the African Leaders of Tomorrow, specifically those who are mostly in need of a quality education,
  • We partner with Africans, and their world partners to train, and strengthen the capacities of African public service, so they are equipped to effectively fulfill their professional duties.
  • We conduct research on the Continent to inform policy-makers and development agencies on key areas to support in order to achieve The Africa We Want!



Why Us



We are a non-profit global organization of Africans serving our mother continent


Great Ideas

We develop and popularize tools that take into account African diversity


Worldwide System

We are the only international organization that brings together Africans of nationality and Africans of descent, locals and the diaspora, and we aim to advance the African cause as defined in agenda 2063.


We are Proud

I am because we are!!!